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Updates to win epic historical battles

Rome: Total War Patch 1.2 is an update developed by Creative Assembly to improve and make your gameplay more enjoyable. It includes new features and skills that will surely help you defeat enemy civilizations and win the war. 

Winning wars need careful planning, but strategies can only work if they are done properly. With the new updates and bug fixes, you can now rest assured that you will be able to command your troops and expect them to act accordingly. One of the updates now allows troops to effectively use their shields while they are marching. There are also major improvements when it comes to the behavior of your soldiers. The changes in their movements and reactions help in avoiding losing a large number of your troops. For instance, soldiers riding elephants and chariots will no longer run blindly into rivers in order to reach their targets. Ambushed men are can now also flee from the battlefield instead of being trapped and doomed to inevitable deaths. 


  • Lessens death count
  • Fixed locomotion bugs
  • Enemy settlements and ships can be viewed
  • Chariot soldiers have health bonus


  • Increased combat penalty
  • Reduced cash reward for extermination
  • Campaign replays cannot be saved
  • Vertical formations not allowed

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Rome: Total War


Rome: Total War Patch 1.2 for PC

User reviews about Rome: Total War

  • Kostas Nikaiotis

    by Kostas Nikaiotis

    i have windows 10 this dont worki think thats enough pls do somthing

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    can i play now or what?.
    i love it.fromthe first time i played i it i was hooked
    so i want to play.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    fantastic game.
    its a nice game to play and learn lots of things from the history...epic real time battles...

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